Obesity & Health

National Conference on Obesity and Health

A multidisciplinary Conference on the management of obesity

1st National Conference

20th – 21st March 2006 Manchester Conference Centre

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The overall goal of this Conference is to contribute to credible scientific and social efforts to reduce the prevalence of obesity and alleviate its effects on society: from childhood through to old ageThe UK has the highest rates of weight problems and obesity in the EU. If current trends continue, conservative estimates are that at least one-third of adults, one fifth of boys and one-third of girls in the UK will be obese by 2020.

Being overweight and obese is not just a clinical issue: as well as restricting body activity, it damages health, shortens life and harms self-esteem and social life. Heart disease, stroke, joint problems and the commonest form of diabetes (Type 2) are direct effects of obesity and being overweight. There are now also economic problems to face: for the health services and through lost workdays generally.


We are very grateful to our Advisors who include:

  • Dr Susan Jebb, Cambridge
  • Dr Henry Purcell, London
  • Professor Carolyn Summerbell, Middlesborough
  • Dr Linda Voss, Plymouth
  • Dr Colin Waine, OBE, Sunderland
Excessive caloric intake and diminished energy expenditure combined are the major cause. Just over a year ago, the Department of Health published its White Paper, Choosing Health. One of the key aspects tackled in this landmark report was the growing obesity problem affecting the nation. In particular, the issues of childhood obesity, exercise and delivery of experience and training to stakeholder groups were the recommended areas of development.

The Second National Conference on Obesity and Health has attracted overseas delegates and international speakers to challenge current perception on the prevention and management of obesity in the UK creating a forum for change 18 months after the publication of the Government's White Paper ‘Choosing Health’ on the nation's health.

This Conference, in line with the initiatives prompted by the White Paper, aims to pull together the many organisations and professionals using a cross-sectoral approach to the management of obesity, so as to form part of the process of creating partnerships and alliances for better public health. With presentations given by representatives from the Child Growth Foundation, British Dietetic Association, Early Bird Study, Association for the Study of Obesity, MEND™, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda USA, International Relations for the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Washington, USA, Men’s Health Forum, The Obesity Awareness & Solutions Trust and various Universities, the programme promises to be rich in debate and provide much motivation and networking for those attending.

We know that this Conference is relevant because it has been so warmly welcomed by those working in the management of obesity. I have had an excellent response from advisors, speakers and delegates and we very much hope that you will join us in Manchester for this important meeting.

Peter Mainprice
Conference Director

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this Conference, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the serious effects of obesity on the health and well being of individuals and families
  • Outline the use of behavioural/lifestyle improvement techniques in relation to obese patients in all age groups
  • Recognize mechanisms of food intake regulation
  • Outline interventions at primary and referral levels for the prevention of obesity
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